Seattle, WA  – The Office of Labor Standards announces its largest settlement agreement to date with Uber, a large transportation network and food delivery network company with over 15,000 Seattle workers. Uber settled allegations under the Paid Sick and Safe Time (PSST) for Gig Workers Ordinance for a total financial remedy of $3,452,686.42 to 15,717 affected workers and $11,130.20 to the City of Seattle.

The remedy included $1,278,810.30 to resolve claims for back wages, interest, liquidated damages, and civil penalties for 2,329 affected workers and $2,171,372.82 in advance payment of unused PSST to 15,084 workers.

“I am so grateful to have advocates standing up for driver rights,” said Jamel Jara, an Uber driver who will receive compensation under the settlement agreement. “Having access to paid sick days during this pandemic means we can keep our customers and our families safe and healthy.”